Supporter Events

Activities for Members

Canada Company’s primary objective is to build a bridge between the business community and our military. In co-operation with the Canadian Armed Forces various events and activities are arranged where members of Canada Company can get a taste of what life is like for a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. The aim is to broaden our understanding of the important role that our Military plays and the extensive training that our soldiers, sailors and airmen receive.

Captains of Industry Events

The Captains of Industry exercises are designed so that members of the Canadian business community will meet soldiers and experience first hand components of their everyday life. Highlights of past events have included day sails on Canadian Armed Forces frigates, transportation by Hercules aircraft; participation in displays of fire power including artillery, tanks, demolitions and smaller weapons, and many other unique experiences. These activities hope to provide business community members with a sense of the wide array of equipment that is in use, the capabilities of Canadian Armed Forces members and give the business community a chance to interact with our soldiers. 

Mess Dinners

A traditional Mess Dinner is the high point of Mess life. By participating in a Mess Dinner you will have experienced over two hundred years of customs, traditions and rituals, which make for a unique dining experience. Mess Dinners, while governed by formal rules of conduct are a great way to experience a military tradition in a friendly and open manner. At a Mess Dinner, everyone in attendance will enjoy an evening socializing and dining in an atmosphere of camaraderie and history. 

Speaking Engagements

Canada Company arranges speaking engagements and formal discussions between leaders of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian business community giving everyone the opportunity to learn from each other. In the past, Commanders of Task Force Afghanistan have talked to members of Canada Company about their experiences and their impression of the conflict especially in Kandahar Province. Other speakers have included Lieutenant General Andrew Leslie, the Commander of the Army. In turn, Canada Company members are invited to speak to a military audience on their areas of expertise. Our members have spoken to the Canadian Forces College and various meetings of military senior leadership.