Our Mission


Celebrating our Heroes

Canada Company was founded at the height of the Afghanistan conflict. With 158 fallen soldiers, it was the vision of our Founder Blake Goldring and our many donors to provide up to 100 children of fallen soldiers access to post-secondary education.

Subsequently, the scholarship fund has grown to over $3.5 million and expanded to include children of military members who took their lives attributable to military service.

To commemorate all of our troops who served in Afghanistan, our LAV III program launched in 2014 offers communities across Canada the opportunity to feature the LAV III to commemorate the fallen who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Founder Blake Goldring
"When we started Canada Company in 2006, we were driven by a deep appreciation for the selflessness of our military. We wanted to protect the legacy of military families – providing children of Canadian military personnel killed in the line of duty with scholarships. Our appreciation for the military continued to grow and that’s when I started thinking that we could do something, something bold, something to champion our soldiers and help all Canadians benefit from their unique skillset and experience."

Honorary Colonel Blake Goldring

Building a Better Canada
Canada Company takes pride in serving both our country, and our veterans, in many ways - whether that be celebrating our Military heroes and their families or fostering a mutually beneficial exchange between Canada's remarkable military and our innovative Canadian business community. 

Educating Our Nation One of our objectives is to engage and educate Canadian leadership through a strategic ‘exchange.’ Canada Company’s Strategic Knowledge Exchange offers the opportunity of dynamic and engaging conversation between Industry, Defence and policy leaders across our nation with the vision of creating ‘real’ conversations that might help all of us as leaders and influencers build a better nation.

Credibility – 14% Fundraising ratio!
Canada company continues to show a strong fund-raising ratio – of every one dollar donated to Canada Company, .84$ goes directly to the development, execution and offering of programs directly to our key stakeholders. Canada Company is a strong program builder and has the reputation of developing and delivering tangible results.